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Top Companies: This Week's Reviews

Direct Degree
c/o Ventura Direct Worldwide 60 Madison Ave New York, NY 10010
Services Offered: Business Degree, Career Test, Scholarship searches

Company Overview: Direct Degree is an online degree program resource. They offer hundreds of listings of online schools, along with career tests and scholarship searches. They serve thousands of customers every week, and have been around for about five years.

Our Review: Direct Degree is probably our favorite online degree program resource. They offer so much helpful information, along with great affiliations to online schools. If you canít find what you need here, you might not be able to find it at all. Their website is well designed and functional, as well.

User Review: Direct Degree found me a business degree program that fit my needs. I work a lot, but couldnít afford to give that up for an education. When I finally decided to go back to school, Iím glad I found a company like Direct Degree to help me in my quest.
Penn Foster Career School
925 Oak Street Scranton, PA 18515
link pending

Services Offered: Business Degree, High School Diploma, Career Diploma

Company Overview: Penn Foster provides many different degree programs to aspiring students. They began in 1890 as a home-based education system for coal miners who wanted to advance or change careers. They soon became an all-inclusive home schooling option, and by 1945, they had over 5 million students and alumni. To date, they have served over 13 million people.

Our Review: Penn Foster is a great online degree program. They offer so many different degrees and options. They also have a wealth of information, and their courses are flexible enough for even the busiest person desiring a college degree.

User Review: Penn Foster helped me get my business degree, and they even were able to put me on an accelerated program so that I could get done faster. My job was in jeopardy, so I wanted to ensure that I had a back up plan if it fell through, and Penn Foster helped me do that.

Monster Learning
c/o Monster.com
Online Only
link pending
Services Offered: Business Degree Search

Company Overview: Monster Learning was created by its parent company, Monster.com to provide information and listings for online degree programs. They offer information about online schooling, as well as listings and reviews for online schools, so that consumers can choose their degree program with less effort.

Our Review: Monster Learning is another great resource to find business degree programs. They offer comprehensive listings of schools, most with reviews, to help students find the best program for them. Their website is simple and easy to follow.

User Review: Monster Learning definitely had a hand in my success at getting a business degree. They showed me what schools were available, and gave me tons of helpful information about the programs out there. Iíve always wanted to go back to school, and Monster Learning helped me achieve that goal.
Online Only
Link Pending
Services Offered: Business Degree Finder

Company Overview: Achieveyourcareer.com is an online resource for aspiring students. They offer reviews and listings of top online degree programs, as well as other information related to online education. They do all the work of compiling the information, and offer it to aspiring students free of charge.

Our Review: Achieveyourcareer.com is not our first choice to find a business degree, but they do a decent job of offering their services. Their website is a little complicated to follow, but the reviews and listings of schools they have is great, as is the information about online education that they offer.

User Review: I went to achieveyourcareer.com to see if I could find a good business degree program. Although their website was a little messy, I did find a great program, along with many helpful resources and information. I really am excited to begin classes and get my business degree now!

Other Top Companies for Business Degree :  

University of Phoenix

Address :  4615 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Kaplan University

Address :  888 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10106

Phone :  800-806-2705


E Learners.com

Address :  Hoboken, NJ



Address :  Online Only


How To Select The Best Company For Business Degree

Furthering your education is a big decision. However, it doesnít have to be as complicated as it may initially seem. If you desire to obtain a business degree, there are many companies out there willing to help you make the right decision about which schools will be best for you. Companies such as Link2College are full of reviews, listings, and helpful information about getting a business degree and online education in general. As long as you know what you are looking for in an online degree program, finding the right one isnít that complicated. Most people utilize the world of online education because they need the flexibility that comes with such programs. Getting a business degree online is no different than going to a physical college and getting one. The schools are all still accredited the same, and every degree is as authentic as one from a physical school. Online education is simply another path you can take to achieve a business degree. The best way to find a great program is to do some research on the different programs available and utilize all the resources that help you find this information. Using sites like Link2College will also help you with this process, because they can offer personal reviews as well as objective information about a business degree. Overall, as long as you are prepared and know what you are looking for, finding the right online business degree program doesnít have to be a complicated process. Instead of spending all of your time sitting around thinking about how to go about getting a business degree, you can utilize the companies on this page and in a matter of days you can be enrolled in the perfect school for you to obtain your business degree. You just need to be prepared and willing to research your options.



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